You Are Perfect, Your Body and Mind isn’t.

In spiritual traditions like Advaita Vedanta they take us straight to the point. You are not the body, not the mind, not the thoughts, not the feelings, no sensation is you, no perception is you, nothing you experience can be you because all experience by it’s very nature has a beginning and end yet you see the coming and going of all of this.

We are told to contemplate this fact and see it to be true for ourselves and when we do it truly is a shocking revelation once we understand the implications of this.

“ All activities are carried out by materiel nature. But in ignorance, the soul, deluded by false identification with the body thinks itself as the doer” -Lord Krishna, Bhagavad gita chapter 3 verse 27.

If I am not the body/ mind because it is a product of nature and is compelled to act in accordance with its nature then who am I and what do I control? The answer is you are the consciousness that “ lights up” the body and mind. Your true nature cannot be born, cannot die, can’t be happy, can’t be sad, can’t exist in time, can’t exist in space, it can’t do or be anything. What you truly are is beyond all objective qualities which paradoxically, gives rise to this objective creation we call life.

When you realise what you are you realise you have, are and will always be perfect. The body we identify with is another matter…

The body was born, it will age and die. It will go through life trying to improve itself, trying to find happiness and avoid unhappiness, it is compelled to follow its programming, conditioning etc depending on what experiences, thoughts, environment and genetics it’s exposed to.

The fact you are reading this post and the fact I’m writing it is not in our control, we both are conditioned to enjoy this topic. There are people out there writing and reading many worldly topics because they are programmed to do that, we are all playing out our “ karma” in line with nature.

So what does all this mean? It means when you realise what you truly are and are aware of that dimension of your being, you realise nothing truly needs to be done, because it’s impossible for you to do anything anyway. All doing and action is done by the body.

You are perfect but the body, whether you identify with it or not isn’t. It still needs to live, improve and work out any physical or psychological issues it has. “ Enlightenment” doesn’t fix our problems because what we truly are has no problems. Whether enlightened or not, all problems exist at the level of the body and mind and must be fixed at the level of body and mind.

So no need to stop exercise, counselling, working, socialising, no need to runaway and become a monk. The people that do become monks is because it’s their karma to do so, it may be your karma too, or it may just be your karma to be an ordinary person like the rest of us. Either way, the body acts according to its nature and karma, it isn’t essential to what you are which is perfection experiencing imperfection.

Hope this helps.

– Simon

3 Replies to “You Are Perfect, Your Body and Mind isn’t.”

  1. That’s a very beautiful post. And explained in a good way. That’s why we are human beings. Well said that Enlightenment is not the end of problems, but a realization of our true nature.🙂


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