You Are The Unborn

You are timeless, formless, unchanging and unborn. I know, pretty bold statements but let’s dive into these radical claims in the search for what we are all seeking in this life, a sense of inner peace.

As we all may have realised, all movement and change must be in relation to something that is still and unchanging. If we stand on the side of a road we can easily see cars zooming past but if we are driving at 100 on the freeway and look over at a car next to us driving the same speed we will both appear stationary.

For time to be experienced it must appear within something that is timeless that can detect it passing. For form to be experienced it must appear within something formless. All change happens in time and to objects with name and form.

When we look at our pictures of our childhood and every stage of our life we all feel we are at our core the same person even though our bodies have changed our thoughts have changed our environment has changed etc. every single thing from the world to our bodies is in constant change, we only know this because something in us or more accurately, something that we are is unchanging.

Everyday we cycle through 3 states of consciousness. Waking , dreaming and deep sleep, in fact this is what the AUM symbol is Hinduism represents. We are aware or a waking world that gets replaced with a dream world then replaced with an awareness of nothing ( deep sleep) then back to a waking world etc…

That which is aware of the 3 states is beyond the 3 states and that which is beyond the 3 states is what you are. Realising this is the first step but eventually we must also realise that the 3 states aren’t separate at all, what we are and what we feel we are not are identical.

If we realise that what we are is nothing we experience yet this world is nothing but experience of a mind, body and world then what are we supposed to do once this realisation finally becomes an intuitive understanding?

The answers is there is nothing you can do because the essence of what you are is all there is. Sure we experience the feeling of being a body in a world but when you dive deeply you realise this body was born, is living a life, is writing this blog or is reading this blog post then will go and do other activities according to the programming of that particular body then in time die like any other created object.

There are 3 ways of viewing life and we must be comfortable with paradox which the mind can’t accept. 1) I am a person in a world. 2) I am nothing I experience. 3) I am everything I experience.

All three ways of viewing the world are correct if that’s what you think and feel in that moment of time. What we are is beyond understanding because it’s prior to it and words can only try to point to it.

I’d say for those that fear death and non existence no need to worry for you are the very conscious existence of life itself that goes nowhere, how could it? when it’s all there is. And for those who welcome death as the character they believe themselves to be in this movie called life is having a rough experience, don’t worry either as the person you believe you are is not eternal it was born and will die never to return again.

What we are is what is, it is unborn, undying yet witnesses these experiences. Whether we realise this or not won’t change that fact.

Hope this helps someone.

– Simon

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