Why does “God” Allow bad things to happen?

The title to this post is a common question, it certainly was one I had while growing up in a Christian faith but now I would see myself more in alignment with the teachings of Hinduism and will explain why a bit later on..

Growing up in a Christian faith I could never get my head around this idea. “ How can God be infinite, eternal, all powerful all knowing etc but then also stand only on the side of good, love, truth etc”

When we view God as having certain attributes or qualities such all loving, all good, all knowing, all merciful, truthful etc we have limited Gods power to not being capable of being hateful, evil, deceitful, unforgiving and then in the process created a second God ( The Devil) which stands for all those things.

Growing up, I would get answers that were unsatisfactory until I found Hinduism. In Hinduism it is taught that God ultimately is the source of all creation and to give “ God” any attributes would be to limit Gods power. The Source has no objective qualities which is why the source can manifest anything. People unfamiliar with Hinduism may ask “ I see thousands of Gods in Hinduism all different and with distinct forms”

Understanding God is formless allows devotees to worship God in any form they like, God is free to be anything because God is the source of everything and nothing.

So knowing this we come to answering the title of this blog post “ Why does God allow bad things to happen?” The answer from a Hindus point of view is because God is all there is. This whole creation is just God or the source interacting with the source just as no matter what waves, whirlpools, ripples etc appear on the ocean are only ever water at all times.

When we strip away everything we are not, we are not our body, our minds, our thoughts our feelings, our experiences etc because we see the coming and going of all these things we arrive at what we all are at our core, that sense of “ I am” “ I exist” that presence is God or the source’s presence.

The source is responsible for all that we label “ Good” and “ Bad” because those terms are subjective. What is good for one group of people is bad for another. 911 was a horrific event and shocked most of the world but for a few terrorists it was a Good event.

The source doesn’t play favourites because again the source is all there is. This world is a play of duality, it’s how the source chooses to manifest. Why are there males? because there are females. Why is there pain and misery? because there is pleasure and joy. Why are there so many poor people on the bottom? because there are a few rich people at the top.

Is any of this fair? From the point of view of one of the opposing sides you would answer yes or no but from the point of view of the source it is all neutral because only the source is.

Life as an apparent person can be tough, really tough for so many people but in the end no one or no thing has come or gone anywhere, the source is infinite and eternal, we don’t live life, life lives us. I am you and you are me, when we see ourselves in and as others how is it truly possible to harm or hate anyone as we’d be only hating or harming ourselves.

We don’t need the whole world to wake up to this understanding we only need to see it for ourselves and then act in alignment with this new understanding. In time, when we do, peace of mind regardless of what is happening is the inevitable result. It’s much easier to make a difference in the world and help others when our mind is in a state of understanding rather than in a state of hate, anger and fear which comes from feeling separate, limited and vulnerable.

Hope this helps.

– Simon

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