You Are Already Enlightened.

“ You are already enlightened”. You may or may not of heard of that phrase before but what does it truly mean and how can understanding it help us on the spiritual path?

Imagine for a moment 100 babies were born and at the moment of their birth each was gifted with a bank account with $50 million dollars in it. Now let’s just say 99 of those babies grew up to be adults, lived their lives struggling with financial hardship and then died never knowing of the money they had in their name.

From each of those 99 peoples point of view if you were to ask them if they were Millionaire’s they would all say definitely not, they wish they were! But if we look at it from the banks point of view, every single one of those 99 people were and have always been multi millionaires, whether they realised it or not was of no concern to the bank.

Now the one remaining person, imagine if by chance on their 40th birthday they happened to stumble across the knowledge of the bank account in their name. In that moment did they suddenly become a multi millionaire? We’ll just like everything in spirituality it’s a yes and a no.

From their point of view they become a millionaire but from the banks point of view they were always one so what’s the big deal?

Enlightenment first of all means different things to different people, but if the meaning for you is seeing the oneness underlying all differences, from the one, unchanging source that all change arises from and subsides back into, then all I can say is that source is what you have, are and always be. Whether you realise this or not is of no consequence.

Only “ God, The Source, Universe” etc exists. Just like waves, ripples and whirlpools appear in the same body of water, all experience appears and disappears within the one source and you my friend are that source. What we call “ our free will” is only ever the will of the source. Whether what I’m saying makes sense to you and it finally clicks or what I’m saying to you sounds ridiculous is also the will of the source.

Spirituality is a form of self help where we start off doing certain practices then finally realise it was never “ Me” doing anything at all, things were just unfolding by themselves. When that understanding finally sinks in, that is liberation, liberation from the sense of personal doership. There is just actions and events unfolding with no one or thing doing the unfolding. “ action-less action” as they say in Zen.

I’d say to continue to do whatever you think you should do in life with the background awareness that it is not you doing anything but the will of the source. In the end there is no you, there is only what is and you are that.

Hope this helps someone on their path.

– Simon

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