Seeing God in All Experience.

“We are all one, separation is an illusion”

Anyone who has spent anytime around spirituality would have come across the above statement but how can this become a lived experience for us on the spiritual path?

When we experience any experience we must first realise what is taking place. Every experience has two components, 1) we realise what we are experiencing exists, 2) we attach a name to the form we are experiencing.

What is the common thread amongst all experience? All experience is known, all experience exists. After we are aware of the experience of existence we attach a form and name to the objects of experience.

For example, you walk into a room, every object in the room is known and experienced simultaneously. Our mind then divides up the experience into forms and objects such as “ table, chair, plants, carpet, people etc….what you will notice is all those forms and labels are human concepts. A dog, cat, or any other being won’t view reality, or the things we call objects as we do, they have a completely different take on it. So who is correct? A human mind? Dog mind? Bug’s mind? Etc…

So how does this have anything to do with seeing “ God” in all experience? I must clear up the definition of God that I’m using. The Western view of God is that of a Noun, an entity, that creates, destroys, rewards and punishes. The Eastern view of God is a verb, a process, the total functioning of the universe with no one or thing controlling it.

In this definition, “ God” is the infinite, eternal, omnipresent, undivided source of all reality. We as humans have a tendency to focus on the changing forms and objects of experience and overlook the unchanging nature of experience. We do this because the sense of knowing, that sense of presence or consciousness is so stable, still an unchanging that it’s overlooked for the more interesting and changing forms of experience even though without that ever present changeless background of consciousness, nothing could be experienced or known.

So what does this tell us? It tells and shows us that without consciousness, no experience or objects of experience could exist. And in seeing that you can see “ God” in all experience.

Like I said earlier, all experience had 2 parts. The first part is it exists, the second part is the forms, names, likes, dislikes etc we attach to it. By focusing our awareness on the existence aspect of all experience and not paying attention so much to the names and forms of experience we get to gradually see the oneness in all experiences and things.

In other words, our minds have a tendency to focus on the names and forms and overlook the existence and awareness, it focuses on the changing and ignores the changeless. By flipping it and training our minds to focus on the changeless and not exclusively on the changing, we will slowly see oneness everywhere and in everything.

The countless number of experiences and forms arise and fall back into the sea of unchanging consciousness and you are that consciousness. Much like in a dream, when you awaken from a dream you realise all those separate people, things and places were all coming from the one mind, when you realise the nature of what we call “ the waking state” you’ll realise it’s exactly the same. Form is what apparently divides us but it all arises by what connects us at the very ground of our being, pure, eternal, infinite consciousness.

In the end if you want to see God, just look around in any moment, there is only God, there is only Consciousness, and you are that.

Thanks for reading.


One Reply to “Seeing God in All Experience.”

  1. God is in everyone and everything, after the winter comes the spring ,
    The bells of joy  start to ring ,
    Rebirth of livelihood is a wonderful  thing ,

      The divine is here , there and everywhere,
    For all of us , God would care ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    In the darkness of the night,
    Stars could be shining bright,
    The moonlight shows  up on sight ,
    Being from the divine light ,
    Things are marvelous  and white,
    With God , by your side , nothing to fear and nothing to fright,
    Gather in love and with the almighty God unite ,
    Our powers we gather and
    May almighty God ,  the warm flames of justice and love in the world ignite


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