Meditation, there always is a benefit every session…

Meditation, we’ve all heard of it and and why we should be doing it but when it comes down to it many people say or feel they can’t find the time for it..

We live in a world of appearances, often times valuing what is on the surface over what is within. We never forget to shower, brush our teeth, exercise, etc because neglecting these things will definitely affect our outward appearances.

Meditation to the outside observer can seem pointless or a waste of time, sitting there doing nothing for 20- 40 mins when other things could be done. In a world of constant stimulus and constant distraction though, sitting for a period of time in silence will do wonders for our mental health and well being in time….

As we sit in meditation, as we try to focus on our breath coming in and out of our lungs but eventually always get distracted, we may feel frustrated in ourselves or annoyed that we can’t stop thinking but all of this is perfectly ok. Like everything else in life we all have an image of what mediation should be and feel like until we actually are faced with the reality of it.

I’ve personally meditated for 8 years and what I’ve found is you never know what you are going to experience from session to session, some are peaceful and tranquil, other session are constant chatter but the most important thing is to just sit and get through your allotted time, just accepting whatever happens in that time…

The title of this post points to the fact that every session of meditation will have a benefit. If you don’t achieve a peaceful state of mind that’s ok. What happens in meditation is in a sense out of our control but the very least we will get out of a meditation session, and it’s more important than ever in this day and age is spending a period of time, daily in Silence…

The world these days is stimulus overload, we used to naturally have time to be in silence waiting in line, or sitting in public, or going for a walk etc but now we can stare out our phones, in line, in public, walking, heck, even in the toilet… the problem with never taking time out to sit or be in silence is we never get a chance to think our own thoughts…

We are constantly being bombarded with people’s opinions, beliefs, ideas etc that we never get a chance to just sit and be by ourselves…to be honest some of my best thoughts and creative ideas come in meditation as I’m not being feed constant stimulus and I feel it would be the same for others.

So to wrap up, there are many benefits to meditation which I won’t mention here and every session you will achieve something whether it be a peaceful state of mind or being able to watch racing thoughts come and go without reacting or at the very least like I said earlier, just having a chance to sit in silence and turn this stimulus machine we call “ modern life” off for 20 mins + a day and give our creative mind a chance to flourish. We are “ Human Beings” so why not just take time out daily just to be..

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day.

Simon Coleman.

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