Don’t think positive, think what you are thinking.

One of the pieces of advice that never made sense to me and just seems like a generic piece of advice with not much thought put into it is the phrase “ Just think positive”

It never made sense to me because if we had a choice of what we could think and feel wouldn’t we always choose to think positive, be happy or feel good? The real point of spirituality as I see it is not to try to cut out or cover up those parts of our life we don’t like or prefer not to experience but to learn the art of acceptance at all times.


I fell into this trap early on as I was getting into spirituality…I thought I must go around being happy, being positive, being understanding etc then would get upset with myself when thoughts and feelings not aligned with that goal started creeping in. I thought spirituality was about making you a better person but I ended up realising it’s not about making us better, it’s about accepting ourselves totally as we are.


One of the great things about meditation and learning spiritual philosophy is that it’s a constant work in progress, you are constantly working and practicing learning the art of acceptance. Daily meditation is great for this. When you just sit for a period of time everyday and just watch how your mind operates like you’d watch the daily habits of an animal in nature you start to see how your mind clings to things, how it tries to push away other things, essentially you see how your mind causes you to suffer, you get to study the trap which is our mind and eventually start learning how to free yourself from the trap or not get trapped in the first place.

Eventually we can start watching our thoughts and not take them so personal. Bad thoughts come and go, good thoughts come and go, good feelings come and go, bad feelings come and go. We eventually start realising that whatever we experience can’t be us as we see the birth and death of every experience.


One of the things I personally like to do to remain calm in all situations and I mean calm on a deeper level, on the surface I may not seem it but deep down is where it matters, is to remind myself that the only constant is change and to just throw myself into the moment and experience it fully.

When good thoughts and feelings arise I tell myself that I’m going to embrace and experience this moment of feeling good fully but not cling to it because in won’t last. On the flip side when negative thoughts or feelings come I commit myself to fully feeling and expressing those negative thoughts and feelings again reminding myself they won’t last.

When we fully realise and understand everything is temporary then we don’t need to cling or push away anything we just need to embrace the moment and be and act like ourselves with no judgment or ideas how we should be acting or feeling.


Whatever is appearing or happening in this moment is supposed to be happening otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. God, The Universe or whatever you want to call it is the only reality there is, there is nothing added or taken from it. Reality is unconditional love and we have, are and always with be a part of it, in fact we aren’t a part of it, it is us and we are it. Fully embracing the moment, accepting that it is what it is and feeling blessed for the miracle of knowing it is happening is all we can really do to live a life with any sense of inner peace. I hope this helps.

As always thanks for reading guys have a great day!

Simon Coleman.

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