Unconditional Love….

This blog will go on a slight rant but then tie into a Spiritual truth in the end so bear with me 🙂

I’m not cynical on love or relationships, I believe they can be a beautiful thing. I also believe and as I get older I see it more and more everywhere I look in life that the fantasy we are sold when we are younger in many aspects of life, be it love, relationships, investments, how the world operates etc are a total fantasy or fudging the truth at best…


I’m sure we’ve all heard the above statement “ the truth will set you free” when you really stop and think about what that statement means and start implementing it into your daily life it really does set you free in many ways and one of them is the idea of love.

I’m not a hater, I’m not bitter or cynical I just believe seeing truth now beyond all the bullshit. Some may say I’m blunt or cold but the truth is the truth, sure there are nice ways of delivering it but not everyone is capable of that…


I’m sure we all have an idea of what love should be. You meet someone and you feel you are falling in love but the reality is you are just “ falling in lust” Many of us view love as when someone will love us unconditionally or we will do the same for them forgetting that the whole reason we “ fell in love” with them was based on preset conditions we have for a suitable partner…

“ He’s tall, handsome, makes money, is respectable etc…” “ She’s young, attractive, humble, conservative” these are just 2 examples of an endless possible list of conditions we might require from a partner before we may “ fall in love” with them….

If love how we hope it would be did really exist, conditions like these wouldn’t matter…Love would just be an uncontrollable feeling for anyone at anytime…rich, beautiful women would be falling in love with homeless men…powerful, handsome men would be falling in love with elderly grandmas…I hope you see my point. We all know what I’m saying is obvious yet some how forget it when we “ fall in love”


When we understand that people “ fall in love” with us based on conditions they find attractive, when then must realise that we need to keep maintaining those qualities for the relationship to continue to “ keep the love alive”. If you are a Man and a Woman falls for you based on your looks, money, status, personality then you must maintain that now and into the future. If enough qualities she found attractive originally start to slip then so will the love…the same applies to Women…

Being complacent, letting ourselves go either physically, financially or in anyway our partner found attractive Originally is just asking for the love to fade…that’s why “ the dating never stops”

Of course if we are with someone for such a long time and both well advanced in age, letting ourselves go eventually happens because both people usually know that it’s easier to stay than to leave if they realise this is the best they can do…but I still feel maintaining your value as best you can is not only good for you but for your partner too…You will feel better as you maintain your value and so will they…


So when we realise that love as we wish it to be doesn’t exist and I’m not saying people are black and white, that is that if they don’t love you then they must hate you because life isn’t like that…many times we can fall out of love with someone but still care for them deeply it’s just the “ spark” is gone…that spark I’m arguing is all the conditions that made them attracted to us to begin with which is why I said we must maintain those qualities the best we can…

So how to deal with this? In my opinion the way to deal with it is never get complacent, never let yourself go if you can help it, always strive to improve and increase your value in every aspect of life…when people find value in you they want to be around you….That’s just a fact if life…


Many say unconditional love doesn’t exist and I’d agree with them when we think about love in the traditional sense but I’d like to offer you another way to view love. Love as I see it is “ the absence of separation” when you feel “ love” for someone you feel one with them in a sense. From a Spiritual perspective, once you see through the illusion on separation in life and see that everything is coming from the one source like all dreams and characters in the dream are coming from the one mind then you realise “Life is Love” as there is no separation ultimately only the illusion of it.

Unconditional love also means unconditional acceptance and when we look at the world, there is so much beauty, ugliness, good and evil and it’s all allowed to happen because Life accepts all and loves all unconditionally. Everything that happens regardless of what we think about it has already been accepted otherwise it wouldn’t be happening… this can be a hard truth to accept but the reality is all life is “ loved and accepted” there is so separation or judgment ultimately all that only exists in our minds…

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Simon Coleman.

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