Life: It’s like Quicksand…

Life I feel is like quicksand and let me tell you why. Quicksand will cause you to sink, it will swallow you up if you remain still. Spirituality can show us that at our core we are calm, still, the essence of peace itself, that nothing needs to be added to us or can be taken away from us but when we stop turning inwards to our core and start turning back outwards life is very different indeed…


“If only I was rich…if only I was better looking…if only I was better skilled”.

We all wish we had more or we were better in some way. The truth is though whatever financial, health, skill level etc we are at we can always get better and to make life worth living we should strive to as much as possible. Why should we strive to keep moving and keep improving? Because life as we experience it is constantly moving, constantly changing, constantly needs to be worked on…it’s exhausting I know but it is what it is…we must constantly strive for what we want whether it be more money, success, a better mind, body, relationship etc….but once we obtain it the work doesn’t stop..we must still keep going to maintain what we have….


We all I’m sure have at some point wished to have more money, better looks, a better body or better relationship. We all have people we look up to and wish we had what they had or similar but the reality is nothing in life is for free…the benefits you receive are equal to the work you put in which I believe on a happiness level cancels itself out.


You may earn $30,000 per year, you may have an average looking body or an average relationship etc…whatever we have we will always find something wrong with it, something that needs fixing but many times forget that the amount of work required will cancel any perceived benefit out….want to earn more money? Well it comes at the cost of more stress and time away from loved ones. Want a better body? Well it requires more uncomfortable time in the gym and in your diet. Want a better relationship? Well it’s gonna cost you more work on yourself as the better the partner or relationship the more work that is required, and more work is always more uncomfortable which means like I said, will cancel out any perceived benefit…


The truth is, and Spirituality will eventually show us this, that nothing in the external world can bring lasting happiness. It brings temporary distraction that can feel good at the time but we can never find lasting happiness a happiness at least where we feel we can just rest and enjoy it forever. To find a Partner takes work, to keep them takes work, to make money takes work, so does success, in a sense we must constantly “ work” for happiness if we chase it in the external world which in the end gets exhausting…

Spirituality can show us that in the end we can remain still, that we can find happiness in simplicity that the quicksand of life can appear to swallow us up but we won’t have to worry because all that stuff we chase is meaningless. We don’t need anything in life but we of course prefer them. Finding happiness in simplicity, finding inner peace is the key then all the activities we pursue after that whether it be chasing money, success, better health, raising a family etc can be seen as not needed to complete us but as preferences, as goals to strive for, to give us something to do in the short time we are here.

I hope this all made sense and like always thanks for reading and have a great day!

Simon Coleman

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