Meditation: A chance to remove the makeup…

Meditation, it means different things to different people. For some it means a chance to take time out during the day, to unwind and de stress, for others it can be a chance to seek that elusive goal of “ enlightenment” but for me I’m going to share what it means to me and what effects it brings to my life.


The way I see mediation and the effects it has on me are a couple of things. Sure in time it has made me less stressed ( I still stress at times though! Lol), has given me a sense of inner well being but the biggest thing I’ve found is it gives me a chance to “ remove the costume and make up”.

So what do I mean by that? It means it gives me the chance and all of us the chance to really check in with and remember who or what we truly are on a daily basis. Under all the masks and costumes we wear, our name, body, thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, job title, hobbies, interests, opinions etc, I could go on and on but I hope you can see where I’m going with this…

Meditation gives us the chance and the daily reminder that whatever we perceive or experience can’t possibly be us at our core. When we strip away all the layers of costumes which consist of all the names and labels we identify with we realise we can’t describe what we truly are and everything we think we are is just a role we are playing.


I feel like anything in life consistency is key. Daily meditation or as often as possible is important even if it’s only for 10 mins. It’s important because once we strip back the layers of who we think we are and reveal it to be false it’s a great feeling, a liberating feeling. But once we get up from the meditation cushion and get back to the role we are playing in the movie we call “ Life” it is so easy and natural to get distracted and absorbed in the drama of it all again and forget who we are at our core.

Daily meditation reinforces the ultimate truth of what we truly are until it becomes a habit which throughout the day will arise in our minds and help us get through it and remain calm usually through the most difficult times. It teaches us to come back to our breathing and back to our centre which is always still and calm.


Meditation also gives us the chance to live life in balance, to “ live in two worlds” which are actually always one. You realise you are at your core ultimately divine, that nothing needs to be done, that everything is perfect as it is but at the same time you are human and all the challenges, ugliness and flaws that come with it and in fact that much work needs to be done.

Life is a paradox at all times, we can never make sense of it because what we are is all of it simultaneously, all we know is that we are alive and experiencing it, that we are conscious and in fact our core is consciousness itself which is an unsolvable mystery and makes life truly an amazing miracle.

So anyway, that’s my view on the matter and in fact I’m due to meditate now 🙂.

Take care everyone, thanks for reading and I wish you all an amazing day!

Simon Coleman

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