Enlightenment. It won’t solve your problems.

Enlightenment. The word means different things to different people but in this blog post I’m going to explain what it means to me and how I feel achieving it won’t solve your problems.

I’m not sure of anyone else’s experience or journey into spirituality but from my personal experience, I always felt Enlightenment was the ultimate goal, no other goals in life mattered, if I could just achieve it I would be walking around without a care in the world in a bubble of happiness.


The more I learnt, meditated, looked at the world through a new lens of spirituality I still couldn’t get it or see anything or feel anything different, extraordinary or special. Now I’m not claiming to be enlightened, but I get the sense the search for it is not what it seems, the experience of it is not what it seems, in fact it can’t possibly be an experience at all. Our ego self always overlooks what is a constant in our life, it’s always looking for something new, for movement and distraction. Our ego turns the search for enlightenment into another goal, another victory that it can proudly add to its list of achievements. From what I’ve found I get the feeling that enlightenment isn’t an extraordinary experience at all but rather the most plain and obvious experience of all, so obvious we forget about it entirely.


In my opinion the most obvious and plain experience we all experience is the sense of knowing we are alive experiencing something we call “life”. It’s the one constant in our life, it’s so static and so still that it’s so easily overlooked, much like when you don’t notice the sound of a fan humming in a room until its switched off, our ego overlooks this miracle and mystery of being alive because its the primary and unchanging experience we all experience, an experience if you look at closely never shuts off. We experience a waking world, then a dream world, back to a waking world then dream world again etc…the experience is always changing and we give different labels to different experiences but the feeling of knowing we are experiencing, the feeling of knowing we are alive never goes away..and at death how do we know this sense of being alive stops?


Going off the theory that Enlightenment isn’t an experience at all but the realization that your true self is that which isn’t an experience but that which knows all experience and what a wonder, mystery and miracle that is then how does this realization affect your daily egoic life?

Again I’m speaking from personal experience. What I’ve found is that once you realize what you truly are at your core, everything changes yet nothing changes. Everything changes in the sense that you don’t feel like this separate, isolated little me against a big bad world, the world feels closer to you in a sense, you feel more connected with it as you realize everything is coming from the one source just like all sun rays that appear separate are coming from the one source, the Sun. You begin to see that you aren’t your thoughts, feelings, sensations or perceptions, that everything that happens is supposed to be happening that “God” or the Universe, that the essence of what you are makes no mistakes and is always as it should be which gives you a background sense of peace.

At the end of the day you realize seeing the world in this way changes nothing as well. Bills still need to be paid, heartache, fear, anger, loss, sadness, failure etc..all the things you feel will go away once you’ve achieved “enlightenment ” still remain but you view them slightly differently.


In my view, what enlightenment means to me is just the realization of the ordinary and obvious once its seen. You realize it’s impossible to try to live a life thinking you will be at peace once all problems are gotten rid of. You start realizing that inner peace must be found in the midst of problems not in the absence of them because like I said that is impossible to achieve. We don’t need to try to transcend our humanity like it’s a problem but rather embrace it, all parts of it, even the parts we wish wouldn’t be there. Enlightenment is realizing that at our core we are unconditional love which is another way of saying unconditional acceptance. everything that is happening in life is happening because life and the essence of what we are is accepting or allowing it to happen, that’s what unconditional love means, total acceptance.

The essence of what we are is peaceful, eternal and infinite but we all still must play our egoic role that feels a wave of emotions and that feels trapped in time and space. In the end we are all playing dress ups, we are all playing a role, we are all acting out a part in life. All we can do is play our role the best we can, get caught up in the highs and lows of it all but always remember in the back of our minds that the essence of what we are is much greater, we are living in two worlds simultaneously, the divine and the human which in fact are always one and the same.

Thats all for now, Thanks for reading.

Simon Coleman

One Reply to “Enlightenment. It won’t solve your problems.”

  1. I agree!! Enlightenment is seeing the obvious.. when we shed all our ‘made’ perspectives and see the truth.. but it does not solve all our problems.. we still have to face challenges and move on..


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