Hearing Voices…

If you ever see someone in public walking around talking out loud to themselves your first thought is probably ” wow that person must be mentally ill” People walking around talking to themselves isn’t normal.

The funny thing is though we all walk around, sit around, basically whatever we are doing we all talk to ourselves constantly anyway, there is constant chatter inside our heads that we don’t verbalise like the people we call ” crazy” but nevertheless it happens silently.


That voice inside our head we consider normal, we go as so far to consider it ” Us”

Like most things in life we seem to take things for granted or just skim over things.

Have you ever stopped to think if that voice you are hearing that you call ” you” is actually you then who is listening to the voice? You can’t be the one talking and listening at the same time, so which one are you? Given the option most people would say they are the one that listens to it and if that’s true why do we take the voice we hear, constantly commenting, judging and labelling everything so seriously and personally?


The truth is that voice isn’t you, in a sense it’s just an imposter claiming to be you, it’s a great story teller, stories we get sucked into time and time again. That voice is essentially our ego, a part of us that makes sense of and navigates us through this world but it isn’t essentially us.


The importance of knowing you aren’t the voice in your head is extremely important. Most people go their whole lives never questioning who or what they are. That voice chatters away, makes decisions, usually has negative things to say that if we get sucked into can destroy our lives and those around us. When it’s understood that the voice isn’t us, that most of the time it’s talking nonsense and occasionally it has useful things to say which is when we should take notice, we will live a much happier life.


I previously just said if we had to choose between being the voice we hear or the one who hears it that we would usually choose the latter. It goes deeper than that though. The more meditation and inner reflection you do you start to realise you aren’t even the one hearing or listening. Hearing is an action but we aren’t hearing we are the one that knows hearing. This is true for all our senses. Our senses taste, touch, smell, see and hear but we aren’t our senses we are that which knows our senses.


When you really look deeply into what you are you will find you are essentially a knowing, aware, conscious presence that never switches off, that isn’t located in time or space. When we are awake we experience and know the waking state, when we are dreaming we experience and know the dream state. That waking state and dream state constantly switch but the knowing presence which knows them both, the knowing presence that you essentially are never switches off.

All movement is in relation to something that is still. You see time move so you essentially must be timeless, you see objects and locations come and go so you essentially must be dimensionless. Wherever you are it’s here, whatever time it is it’s now. You can’t know what you truly are you can only know what you are not, you are ultimately a mystery.


At the beginning of this post I was showing you how you can’t essentially be anything you experience, be it the voices you hear, sights you see, feelings you feel etc..but in typical spiritual paradoxical fashion I’m now here to tell you that you are all those things. Our minds deal in opposites, something must be this or that, you aren’t anything at your core which makes you everything at your core. This is where words have to end because it can’t be explained. Everything just is, you are everything yet simultaneously nothing, you have, are and always will be.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Simon Coleman.

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