More Spiritual Than You..

I’m more spiritual than you. I have spiritual tattoos, I wear beads, I eat spiritual foods, I’m way more accepting and understanding than you.

Yes I’m joking…but the whole point of this blog post today is how I view spirituality.

Our minds love labels, it thinks in labels, in opposites, our mind by its design divides up the world to this and that, self and other etc. Our minds do a great job in regular life but when it comes to spirituality things become a little more difficult…


I don’t know about you but when I was first getting into spiritual teachings it became just another label to me. There was a spiritual way of doing things and a non spiritual way. There were enlightened people, unenlightened people and those heading towards it. There was a feeling and an effort to constantly act ” Spiritual” be positive, peaceful, understanding etc the list goes on…

There was one problem though…what happens when the negative, dark and ” unspiritual ” thoughts or actions arose?

Well of course I’d beat myself up, think I’d have to work harder, try to suppress these terrible thoughts.


If I could sum up Spirituality in one word now it would be acceptance. That one word when taken to heart and it’s meaning truly understood is all you need.

Spirituality to me now is the art of acceptance. The art of accepting ALL reality just as it is. Accepting the good feelings, accepting the bad feelings, accepting that you prefer this, accepting you don’t prefer that, accepting that you feel love for some people and accepting you feel hate for others. Acceptance is the key to inner peace. Inner peace is the deep acceptance that whatever is happening right now is supposed to be happening otherwise it would’t be happening.

Spirituality isn’t about creating a bubble of peace around us and trying to transcend our humanity, it’s about taking life as it comes and embracing all of our humanity even the parts we don’t like, we at times also most accept that we can’t accept…


Acceptance is the key and it makes you realise something else…that Spirituality ultimately has no labels…Ultimately you realise there is no way to act, dress of do anything ultimately Spiritual..If you want to dress in what we call spiritual or act in a certain way that’s totally fine, if you don’t that’s totally fine too. The Spiritual path is ultimately a journey back to the moment where you’ve done all this thinking, practice, actions that are supposed to make you more spiritual a more enlightened person but in the end you realise nothing had to be done at all as you were already there…


Eventually you understand that everything just is. All this practice, thinking and acting in a Spiritual way helps you realise that it was all not needed at all ironically…it’s all a waste of time but on the other hand it’s not..

Life is the ultimate paradox, all opposites exist as one, in the end your mind goes silent and you realise what you do matters but at the same time doesn’t matter.

Understand everything is coming from the one source which means everything is Spiritual.

Try to Accept the moment as it is, even accept that you can’t accept it at times.

Just do what makes you happy and if it leads to consequences, accept that it’s a part of the happiness you pursued.

Those are my 3 personal tips that help me get through this mystery we call ” Life”

As always take care guys and thanks for reading, have an amazing day.

Simon Coleman.

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