Science vs Spirituality

Science vs Spirituality, it seems we live in a world where we must take sides, we must be in one camp or the other, a world where both sides assume they are right.

So are you Scientific or Spiritual?

I used to think the two were opposing ideas but the more I actually delved into Spirituality the more I realised that they can co-exist together.


It seems like such a random heading, what the hell does dreaming have to do with all of this?

If you ever delve into the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism you will find that they place a great deal of time and attention to dreaming, to the practice of dream yoga or Lucid dreaming as we call it in the West. In fact they consider all phenomena to be dream like, I won’t get into it as I will save it for another post but the act of dreaming finally made be realise how science and spirituality can not only exist as one but in fact complement each other as well.


We must always remember that science is the act of measurement. Science does a great job of explaining how things work and how things will follow predictable outcomes but that’s where it ends for science.

Getting back to the dream state.

Let’s just say for a moment that the Tibetan Buddhist’s are right. They believe all phenomena is dream like, that reality is just smaller dreams within larger dreams, What we call the waking state is like a big dream that we have smaller dreams in every night for instance, every day dream every thought is a smaller dream still etc.

The role of science if the Tibetan’s are right, isn’t then to explain reality but how reality as it’s presented to us operates. If we are stuck in a dream right now, science can only explain how things in the dream operate but can never explain what lies beyond the dream world because when the dreamer wakes up, the dream world with the dream scientists vanish into thin air and in fact never existed at all.


So if reality as we see it could be one large dream who is dreaming it? In some Spiritual teachings the dreamer is God or whatever name you want to label the ultimate level of reality. If we are all dreamers in the mind of God then the essence of everything and everyone is God. Reality is God just experiencing itself, playing dress ups with itself, acting out a movie with itself. Science is there to explain the laws that govern the dream but can or never will explain what lies beyond the dream because it is ultimately unknowable and like I said earlier, when the dreamer wakes up, the dream and everything in it ceases to exist or is seen to have never really existed at all.

This isn’t a bad thing for Science because it’s not the job of science to know everything, it’s only job is to explain what can be proven through the measurement and testing of reality as it is presented to us with the 5 senses we are given to experience it.


Everyone has their own view but what I’ve described above resonates with me the most. Life in a sense is like one big dream, science explains how things function in the dream and spirituality explains what lies beyond the dream which is ultimately unexplainable.

We all love a good mystery, science does a great job of solving many of them but some mysteries are unsolvable like the ultimate nature of reality.

Everything just is, words can’t explain it because words come out of it so all we are left with is a conscious, knowing silence and the miracle of knowing we are alive experiencing something that can’t truly be explained.

……Wow what a miracle.

Thanks for reading, subscribing, and commenting guys,

have an Amazing day.

Simon Coleman.

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