Learning to Shut up.

I don’t know about you but when I was younger ( Gosh I speak as if I’m so old) I had so many opinions, views and beliefs I felt it was my duty to share with the world even if people didn’t want to hear it. At times I could be the classical ” Keyboard Warrior”getting into arguments online with strangers, it makes me laugh when I think about it now.


When I finally started learning and absorbing the teachings of spirituality one thing started to become clear in my mind….that remaining silent, learning to just shut up is the most wisest thing you can do. In a sense the more we speak the less we truly know.

Like most statements in spirituality the above may sound like a paradox or a bit confusing so I’ll explain.

Getting caught up in the drama of life, getting caught up with this is right, this is wrong, this shouldn’t be, that shouldn’t be etc getting caught up in all of it with all our research, logic, arguments and opinions can show how truly ignorant we are in life.


The person with nothing to say I used to assume may be ignorant, this may be true but it could also mean that they are the wisest person in the room…

Spirituality makes you see how everything is truly connected, how all opposites exist as one, how the laws of karma play out in every aspect of life…

An example: Older generations love to complain how younger generations feel entitled are lazy that they expect everything easy etc..but why would younger generations feel that way? Because in western culture at least, times have been good for the last 50 or so years…children are a clean slate at birth, if you raise a child in comfort, good times and do everything for them of course they are gonna turn out like that…the good times in a sense are harming the child’s development.


In the above example we can become the person who complains about the parenting or complains about the kids or we can be the person who just shuts up and not comment at all because we have wisdom.

Again I say that everything in spirituality is a paradox and can be confusing. I’m not saying to take a vowel of silence and have no opinions at all that is impossible because we do have opinions, what I’m saying is to have an inner silence an inner silence of wisdom that can see that no matter what we think or feel about something that their is a reason for it and that everything in life is connected with everything else.


God knows all so forgives all. Every action, thought, feeling etc has arisen because of something prior to it. One thing leads to another, when we truly understand and grasp this then there is nothing more to say or do in life. When we understand this our minds can go from just being focused on ourselves, a mind with constant chatter, beliefs and opinions and expand out into seeing everything as it is, seeing how everything is connected, a mind of expanded silence.

This is obviously all internal, externally we will look and act the same but internally there will be an inner peace. Gods mind and our mind are one and the same we just need to realise that and when we do we will see that while externally we will have beliefs, opinions, views etc at the same time internally we won’t truly take them seriously and we will find an inner peace and come to terms with whatever is happening in life as we know deep down that everything is playing out as it should at all times.


To sum up, the message I’m trying to get across is that silence many times is the wisest form of action. It’s wise because why get caught up in the drama of what is good what is bad what is right what is wrong? It is really tiring and unnecessary when you truly see how everything is connected…

Whatever is appearing in this moment is supposed to be happening otherwise it wouldn’t be happening, the nature of God and the nature of ourselves is unconditional love and acceptance, it’s already been accepted and allowed to happen otherwise it wouldn’t be happening, it’s just our ego mind that overlays all the opinions and chatter over what is happening, an ego mind that we get so absorbed in that we convince ourselves that it is us but our ego isn’t our true self just a role we are playing, we are much greater than that.

I hope this all makes sense and I got the message I was trying to convey across clearly, as always thanks for reading and subscribing have an amazing day guys.

Simon Coleman.

3 Replies to “Learning to Shut up.”

  1. Deep and very well written! When I was reading this I was thinking how funny it is that we argue “this is the right thing” “this is what you should do” and within a short period of time we realize “oh what I thought was right is actually not the right thing” hahaa. We come to different realizations as we pass time. What we think is the right thing today, in few weeks or months we may find it’s not that right of that it’s completely a wrong belief.

    I totally agree with you that silence is such a powerful thing and when we are silent we can listen more, observe more and think more clearly. Thank you for sharing this, enjoyed reading it! Have a nice day Simon 🙂

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    1. Thanks Vihani! Yes the more we learn the more we realise we know truly nothing and also that what we perceive as “ truth” is all relative to our view at the time. And when are we right? If I was Christian I would feel I was right in my belief at the time until I convert to Islam then I would feel it is right but then I convert to Buddhism etc…when was I right or will I ever be right? Life is truth in all aspects at all times.
      Have a great day too! 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on CQtheblog and commented:
    Something a lot of people need to learn. Shutting up. Realising that continuing talking or yelling doesnt make you right. Start listening to understand instead of listening to react and fire your projections


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