Being a nobody …

Not being noticed, recognised, not feeling special at anything in particular seems to be a fear of most people. We all want to stand out, be unique, be known more than ever. Just look around today and everyone is expressing their individualism in one form or another particularly on social media. All this conditioning to stand out, be unique, be special etc comes at a cost though, the cost is feeling never quite good enough.

This world, particularly is Western culture makes us seem to feel never quite good enough in one way or another, be it career, looks, skills, talents etc, we always feel we should do more and are never quite good enough…


I’m a person that loves self improvement, that loves pursuing my passions ( the reason I write this blog) and striving to become better in anyway that I can. The key difference though I’ve found after finding spirituality, is before I felt I must achieve to be accepted and to be happy but now I realise nothing needs to be achieved to find happiness and inner peace, once you find it within everything you do after that is just for the sake of doing it, it’s a subtle yet huge difference.

Getting back to the title of this post though, being a nobody sounds like a terrible thing in today’s culture, but I feel nothing comes for free, what you gain in one area you lose in an other….


A strong ego gives us the urge to be separate, to be unique, to stand out and be different, to maintain a certain image. The ego is our friend as without it we couldn’t get things done in life but it can also be our foe…

A strong ego can bring on a strong desire for achievement but it comes at the cost of maintaining that image…the higher you climb the further it is to fall.

The simple person seems ordinary, blends into the background, nobody really notices them but what they do have is no image to maintain, no ego to protect. We can laugh at those fools that give up all possessions and live a quiet, simple life like a monk, but at the end of the day, aren’t we all searching for happiness and inner peace?

A strong ego can get us far in the material world but the material world can’t be clung to, it’s always changing, it’s never solid, our ego craves solidity and stability hence the frustration when it can’t have it because it’s impossible in this ever changing world..


So what are we to do? If we have the urge for inner peace yet at the same time the urge for achievement?

Mastering the art of being content with a simple life, with being a nobody, with blending into the background is so important, once you do that, if the urge to succeed and achieve arises, you can follow it not because you need to but because you want to.

The way I look at life is like a movie, I believe everything is unfolding as it should and there is a sense I’m just viewing it pass by…when you realise the essence of what you are isn’t any thought, feeling, sensation or perception, that you aren’t your body your name your title etc you just come to realise everything just is how it’s meant to be at all times..

Once you realise your true essence you realise how life turns out is just how it will turn out…it may lead you down the path of simplicity and being a nobody, or down the path of complexity and being a somebody.

Once you get to the point where it really doesn’t matter what happens you will find inner peace regardless of what happens and just realise that the fact that we know we are alive experiencing life is one of the most overlooked miracles and mysteries of all time…you are alive that’s all you know for sure so just enjoy the journey 🙂

Thanks for reading guys have and amazing day.

Simon Coleman.

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