Everyone is just searching for happiness.

Everyone is searching for happiness, the whole point of life is to do what makes us happy. I used to wonder many times why people do what they do and why I do what I do. Many times we do things that cause us or others pain or keep repeating the same mistakes over and over even when we know it’s wrong.

I came to realise in time that all the good things and bad things in the world all stem from people trying to find happiness. Ultimately what we view as good or bad is our own opinion, most of us would be shocked and angered by acts of terrorism for instance but in the minds of the terrorists they are doing what is right and doing what they think will bring them happiness.

What brings us happiness or what we think we bring us happiness is our own opinion obviously, realising this though can help us understand others so much better. We can go through this life with more understanding and less hate in our hearts when we realise everyone else is just like us, we all want the same thing, happiness.

In religion or spiritual teachings we are taught to show love and compassion to everyone but it can be sometimes hard when we view others and their actions superficially. Being understanding of the actions of others doesn’t mean we have to approve of their actions or be their friends it just means realising that everyone is trying to find happiness in this life, unfortunately some people feel hurting or taking advantage of others is the way to do it.

In my younger years I world truly resent and hate people I felt caused me harm or took advantage of me in some way but as I started realising that no one is truly perfect, we are all messed up in some way or another and some people due to their upbringing, circumstances or the pain they are feeling internally do or say things to others they think will make them happy.

Hurt people hurt other people. No one I feel wants to find happiness hurting others but we live in a world of so many broken people through no fault of their own, there are no evil babies, the conditioning and environment we all grow up in is out of our control.

One of the biggest realisations we can come to on the road to seeking inner peace and happiness is realising who we really are, not who we think we are, not our name, age, job, body etc not those labels but what we are prior to those labels. When we look inward and through meditation and self enquiry realise what we essentially are is identical with everyone and everything else we slowly start feeling more connected, we start realising we aren’t in the universe we are the universe.

The whole point of life as it’s presented to us, where we feel we are a person moving through time and space is to find love and happiness. What we are ultimately trying to find is ourselves. The essence of what we all truly are is love and happiness, it’s like a wave in the ocean trying to find the ocean, the ocean is playing games with itself, the wave is always the ocean.

Our life is just the universe playing games with itself, if we knew 100% that it was all just a dream and taking life as seriously as we do was unnecessary it would kill the fun of it all. Deep down we love feeling the highs and lows of life, we say we love the highs but we truly love the lows too it’s what gives life meaning and purpose overcoming hardships.

To find true happiness we must realise the essence of what we and what everyone else truly is and also realise every action that we or others perform regardless of how we perceive or judge the actions is coming from a place of trying to find happiness. We are all one in the end, the world is a mirror to ourselves so a little compassion and understanding goes a long way.

Thanks for reading,

Simon Coleman.

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