Nobody cares and why it’s a good thing..

Nobody ultimately cares about our life, Nobody ultimately cares about us. Hearing this at first may sound like a bad thing but I really believe it’s a good thing.

To be human we must have an ego, our ego is required to give us a sense of feeling separate which is a good thing, if I don’t feel I’m ” over here” then I can’t interact and enjoy everything ” over there” that I’m apparently not, separation is an illusion but a required one so we can experience the miracle we call life.

Our ego has problems too, one of the biggest problems it can have is feeling that our problems are the most important thing in the world. To be honest in a sense that is true because no one can live our lives but us, we are the main character in our movie, our problems are our world.

One thing we must understand though is while our ego cares about our lives and our problems, we must remember that nobody else ultimately does because they have their own lives and problems to deal with.

What I’m saying may sound obvious but how often do we worry what others think or how they perceive us? Even the people that say ” I don’t care what others think about me” usually only say it when receiving criticism, I’ve never heard anyone use that line when receiving praise.

We all naturally worry about our lives and how we are perceived by others but when we come to realise nobody ultimately cares, instead of feeling like it’s a bad thing, like our egos probably think it is, we should see it as a liberating thing.

While we walk around worrying what others think of us they are doing the same. They don’t have time or probably don’t even notice our perceived flaws because they are too busy worrying about their own perceived flaws that we don’t notice.

On the flip side if we are walking around dressed well, or driving around in a nice car etc it may turn peoples heads in the moment but after the moment has passed they quickly move back to thinking about their own lives, whether it’s how good they are feeling about themselves or about how bad they are feeling about themselves.

What I’m ultimately trying to say is we shouldn’t feel as embarrassed, awkward or insecure as we can sometimes feel because nobody ultimately cares how beautiful or ugly we are, nobody cares about our successes or failures because they are too worried about their own, realising this is very liberating.

Does this mean what’s the point of trying to look good, achieve success, accomplish goals etc if nobody cares? It doesn’t mean that at all because somebody does care, you. In the end we must do what makes us happy because while people will be there to congratulate us in the moment or feel bad for us in the moment it’s only just for a moment then they quickly get back to thinking about their own success and failures.

In the end nobody is ultimately going to care how much we succeed or how much we fail, we are all human and we all experience the same emotions of fear, regret, insecurities, doubt etc at some point in our lives. We must truly not care what people think of us good or bad because in the end they don’t care, in realising this, looked at in the right way, will bring a sense of relief and peace.

Thanks for reading,

Simon Coleman.

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