What if life was meaningless…

What is the meaning of life? What if there was no meaning? If there was no meaning hearing this at first may sound depressing but like everything else in life it’s how we interpret it.

If nothing we have, are or will do matters then what’s the point of doing anything you may ask….Well we can look at it another way too, if nothing matters then why sit around doing nothing? Why not get out there and just enjoy what life has to offer?

What’s the meaning of a bird, a tree, water, the sun etc? What’s the meaning of anything? What you will come to realise is none of these have a meaning, they like everything in life just are. A tree just is, a bird just is, they have no meaning yet they are. We can’t explain why everything is because life was always here prior to the language that describes it, language is just sounds, we are trying to use sounds to explain something prior to sound..

We must also remember that everything in life arises in pairs, in opposites, we can only know good if we know bad, we can only know darkness if we know light, we can only know self if we know other etc. if we never asked the question ” what’s the meaning of life?” The answer wouldn’t need to be searched for. All answers and questions arise together as well, no answer is needed when no question is asked.

So if there is no purpose or meaning to all of this should we stop trying to stop or prevent the worlds problems? Should we stop caring about our friends and family, should we all just kill our selves? No we shouldn’t. What we should realise is that life is what we make it, we should do what we are drawn to do without overthinking too much.

If we have the urge to raise a family we should, if we have the urge to live a simple life or a rich life we should, if we have the urge to become famous or become a monk we should. We must realise that there is no wrong of right way to do life, even if we pursue a life deemed to be ” bad” we must do so with the understanding that we won’t be punished for our sins but by our sins, if we go around doing bad deeds it’s bound to come back to us due to the fact that people we hurt usually seek revenge.

Life is an absolute mystery, we can’t explain why everything is, it just is. Even when we feel we are doing life wrong we must realise we can never do life wrong as what we are is the essence of life itself. We weren’t born into this world we were born out of it, our bodies are ” walking earth” we all have fears, doubts, success and failure, it’s part of being human, at the end of the day life only has the meaning we give it, so get out there and enjoy it to the fullest!

Thanks for reading, liking and subscribing guys, have a nice day.

Simon Coleman.

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