Appreciating “ Now”

No matter what situation we find ourselves in life we always have a tendency to want it to be better. If we are flat broke, struggling to make ends meet and not knowing where our next meal is coming from then we would be craving drastic changes, in that situation money would bring us more happiness, but once the necessities are taken care of, happiness doesn’t increase with the rate of money we accumulate.

Even people that can get the best in life or have a stress free life still will want something better for themselves in regards to their relationship, physical appearance, monetary status etc. So if after we are secure in the basics ( a roof over our head and consistent food and water) why then can we still feel unhappy no matter how successful we become?

We get good at what we practice. If we practice using this moment as a constant stepping stone towards something better in the future that never comes, we get good at living in our minds, we get good at telling ourselves ” I’ll be happy when this or that happens” on the flip side, if we practice using this moment as a chance to stop and appreciate what we already have, to realise how far we have already come, to realise what a miracle it is even to know we are alive, then we get good at living and appreciating the present moment which is the only moment we ever have.

Learning to live simply, learning to live in appreciation is so important. If we can master the art of being happy with what we have and appreciating what we have, in time it becomes a habit. ” If everyone was just sitting around being happy with what they have how would the world progress forward?” You might ask.

Striving for a better life, striving for greatness isn’t in conflict with appreciating what we already have, in fact plans are best suited for those that live in the moment not live in their heads. Any goal we set out to achieve, the goal itself happens pretty fast, you get the million dollars you wanted, the university degree, the dream partner, the perfect body etc the act of receiving or obtaining the goal is over in an instant. What isn’t instant though is the daily grind over many years to achieve that successful moment in time, to achieve anything really means a lot of repetition, failures and boredom.

Anyone who has achieved anything will tell you enjoying the journey as much as the destination is so important, we need to do it because we love the process, if we don’t love the process we will eventually give up on the goal. So how do we learn to love the process? Loving the process comes from loving and appreciating the moment. Like I said earlier if we can master the art of being happy with simplicity and make that our foundation, we then will have a solid base from which to build and strive for a better future. If we are constantly miserable or unappreciative of what we have we tend to become impulsive, short sighted and make wrong decisions which ironically tends to make our lives worse not better.

99% of our lives is mundane and uneventful, the big events spike our happiness for a short time but we always return back to our baseline general feeling pretty quickly. Mastering the art of appreciating the uneventful, repetitive and boring means mastering the art of living, life isn’t a Facebook or Instagram profile. Striving for success and self improvement isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing, to be human is to strive towards a goal, but to achieve the goal successfully means we must always appreciate and fall in love with the the process, with the moment, it’s the only way to live a balanced, happy, peaceful life.

My thoughts anyway,

Thanks for reading, liking and subscribing guys, I really appreciate expressing my thoughts on this blog and that their are people that enjoy reading it, until next time take care.

Simon Coleman.

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