The meaning of life.

At one point or another in our lives everyone, at least once will question the meaning of their life or life in general. Life and reality are a total mystery, whether you venture down the spiritual path or scientific path they both have explanations and theories how and why things are how they are.

As humans we feel we are seeing life and reality how it is but we overlook or don’t even realise the fact that only humans experience a human reality. As humans we have 5 senses, and the ability to think. Our five senses take in information and our thinking mind constructs a story about what’s happening.

A dog though experiences a dog reality, an ant experiences an ant reality, a tree experiences a tree reality etc, each life form has different senses and ways of interpreting reality so why do we think we have the ultimate view? When we question the meaning of life we are assuming first of all that we have the correct view and second of all we are assuming there is a meaning to it all.

What’s the meaning of life? That’s like asking what is the meaning of a bird or the meaning of a tree, or the meaning of the taste of coffee, all these things have no meaning and require no meaning, everything just is.

Whatever we have done, are doing and will do is the meaning of life, the meaning of life is to live, the essence of you and all things is life. The essence of a movie is the screen it plays on, take away the screen and the movie can’t play. The essence of all life is God/ the Universe/ Brahman whatever name you prefer.

There are no nouns or objects in life only verbs, only actions, everything is a process, everything is in constant flow and change but there is no controller, life is just happening. Our minds search for a meaning not because there is a meaning but because that’s just how the human mind works. Animals and plants, the stars and planets all continue to function without thinking or searching for a meaning.

Our bodies still circulate blood, grow hair and nails, heals itself when injured, our hearts and other organs still function without thinking, life is just happening, life is running itself, we don’t need to search for meaning in life, all we need to do is appreciate that it’s happening and that it’s such a miracle and mystery that it is happening.

” Man suffers because he takes to be serious what the gods made for fun”

– Allan Watts

The meaning of life is to live, we should strive for greatness and success if it’s in our hearts, we should be happy with a simple life if it’s in our hearts, whatever is giving us a reason to get up in the morning and make it through the day we should pursue but at the same time realise it only has the meaning we give it. The meaning of all our lives is just this, just this moment.

Thanks for reading, liking and subscribing guys, have a good day.

Simon Coleman.

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