You aren’t aging.

You aren’t aging. That statement seems to make no sense, ” of course I’m aging, I look and feel older every year…” you might say, Time to delve into spiritual philosophy…

In a previous post titled ” who do you think you are?” I was explaining the idea of really questioning who we really are at our core not who we think we are. Our name, gender, ethnic background, language, culture, opinions, beliefs, preferences, etc, anything we claim to be ourselves can never possibly be us at our core because all these things were taught or programmed into us at a young age, we could change all these things and still the sense of ” Me” feels the same.

In Hinduism it’s called ” Neti Neti” the practice of self enquiry, finding our true self behind all the stories we tell ourselves and others. Whatever age we are right now, look back at photos of when you were a young child, you look, act and think completely different now yet you feel the same as you always did, the sense of ” I” always feels the same.

Science tells us that every single cell in our bodies die and are replaced every 7 years and 7 years is the maximum, many of the cells in various organs are replaced much quicker. If we have already determined that we aren’t our thoughts or feelings, that they are just passing phenomena that we are aware of and when we come to realise that the body we claim to be us is also passing phenomena that we are aware of then who or what are we?

The reality is the more you look the more you realise all we are at our core is just a conscious, aware presence. We know we are alive that’s all we know for sure, everything we are aware of we see coming and going yet we remain unchanged at our core. All movement is in relation to something that is still, our inner core is timeless, still, ever present, always ” here and now”.

We feel we are a character in the movie of life, moving through the movie, going through ups and downs as the story unfolds but in reality we are the screen the movie plays out on. The character in the movie ages but the screen doesn’t age, the character in the movie moves around but the screen doesn’t move.

Another post I titled ” you are living a double life” was explaining this idea too. When we look out into the world we see time moving, our bodies and every material object aging, we see a world of constant change. When we turn our attention inward though we can discover, timeless stillness. The essence of what we are is the essence of the entire universe, the universe is a closed system, nothing is taken or added to it.

Science says the universe started with the ” Big Bang” but what was before the Big Bang? The reality is time has never started or with ever end, there is only this moment, The you of 10 years, 1 year, 1 hour or 1 second ago isn’t the same you reading these words right now. Our ego is just a story we tell ourselves, it gives our lives an illusionary sense of direction but it’s not ultimately real.

Our bodies are just walking earth, it came from the ground and will return to it along with our ego story, but the sense of knowing we are alive doesn’t go anywhere, that knowing knows the whole universe and that’s what you are at your core. There isn’t God and you being Gods creation, the essence of God and everything is identical, nothing is separate, only our ego story appears to age but our true self, the self of all things doesn’t.

The movie screen doesn’t end and disappear when the movie ends, a new movie starts playing. The essence of what you are can’t age or die because it was never born, everything just is, all scenes of a movie exist ” now” on a DVD disc but we must watch the movie scene by scene to give the movie the appearance of an unfolding story.

Our lives are an infinite amount of ” now” moments, birth, death and every moment in between is happening now. Is your mind blown? It should be, life is a miracle, it can’t be understood, you are the essence of life itself and aren’t going anywhere.

Thanks for reading, liking and subscribing, have a great day.

Simon Coleman.

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