Regretting the past is a waste of time.

Regretting the past is a waste of time. Our minds have a natural tendency to think of the past, to think of what could have or should have been, we all by default think this way, but to live in reality and to find more peace in our lives we must practice what doesn’t come naturally to most of us which is to let things go, live in the moment and stop thinking about events that can’t be changed.

We love to think back on things that have went wrong in our lives and say ” if only I did this or said that things would’ve been different” sure they may have been different but we can’t assume what could’ve been would’ve been.

Another thing to realise is how many unfortunate events have we avoided without even knowing? Let me explain.

Have you ever had an unfortunate event happen in your life such as a car accident for example then told yourself ” if only I left a minute later, or a minute earlier, if only I took that other road I normally take etc this accident would never had happened” it’s true it wouldn’t have happened, but how many accidents have we avoided without even knowing by leaving a minute earlier or a minute later on other days?

If you could see the unfortunate events that could’ve played out but didn’t if we did do something slightly different that day we wouldn’t feel life is against us so much. Life is unfolding as it should at all times, life owes us nothing, we are either getting what we want or getting a lesson how to do something better or not at all next time.

Regretting what has happened or using mental energy thinking about things out of our control doesn’t solve anything. The quicker we can go from thinking about why something shouldn’t have happened to thinking, “it has happened and what am I gonna do now?” the quicker we can move on with our lives and live back in reality.

It’s not about having no feelings or blocking out sadness and grief when things go wrong, we should feel what we are feeling to the fullest when we are experiencing it, it’s about realising that a perfect life with nothing going wrong, no adversity, no problems or no mistakes is a dull life. Imagine watching a movie where nothing went wrong, there is no conflict, no drama or tension etc, how boring…

Treat life like an unfolding movie, you never know what’s coming next, also many times when something goes wrong in our lives it’s setting us up for something better to come along, but it works both ways, sometimes what seems like something good happening to us sets us up for something bad as well.

The point is we can never really say what is ultimately a good or bad event for the entire story of our lives, sure if we zoom in to that one event we can judge it good or bad, our minds love being short sighted, but if we can zoom out we never know what this one event that we label good or bad is setting us up for in the future so why regret anything? Just sit back and watch the movie we call ” my life” unfold. Just do the best you can, no one has a problem free life regardless of how their life appears, my thoughts on it anyway.

Thanks for reading guys, thanks for liking and subscribing to my blog, have a good day.

Simon Coleman.

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