A sense of humour, essential on the spiritual path.

” Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun”

– Allan Watts

The ability to find the humour in life, the ability to not take life so seriously and especially ourselves so seriously is such an important thing to do. I’m not saying to dismiss the problems of the world or not to take anything seriously, there is horrible pain and suffering in this world that if we can, try to fix as much as possible and if we can’t, at least not add more of it to the world, I’m saying a lot of our personal problems stem from taking life and ourselves too seriously.

I grew up in a very restrictive Christian religion, I have nothing against religion either, whatever we feel is right for us in our hearts and minds we should pursue as no one can live our lives but us. The problem in my opinion though was you felt guilty about everything, you took everything so seriously and was constantly in fear of doing the wrong thing.

As I grew I started to think ” If God is so loving and the source of all creation, everything I think and feel ultimately is from god so why am I taking everything so seriously or feeling guilty?” Humour you will notice is powerful, it has the ability to relieve a tense situation if used properly, it also has the ability to bring people back down to earth when they are taking something they believe in life too seriously.

In regards to our ego, the image we hold of ourselves, nothing cuts through the bullshit that we tell ourselves more than the ability to laugh at ourselves. Look back at some of the petty arguments and conflicts we’ve had and if we are honest, was it really worth it? Our ego doesn’t like to be dismissed or laughed at it, our ego will protect itself and what it believes to the death, forgetting that all the ego is is a bunch of thoughts and images in our minds, we are getting upset over a bunch of thoughts, images and beliefs that we hold in our minds that we believe ourselves to be but couldn’t possibly be because we are aware of them, what we are aware of can’t essentially be us, it’s really funny when you think about it.

Life is a dance, life is a play so we should adopt a playful attitude towards it, we should become like a child again in the sense of we don’t need to question everything, everything we think or do doesn’t need to make sense or be understood because the more you look into life you realise it can’t be understood, no one knows, not even science how or why this is all happening, it’s the greatest mystery, the greatest joke ever, so why not just dive in head first, say yes to life, stop overthinking it and do what makes you happy.

We can’t walk around laughing all day and ignoring problems, but in the back of our minds we must realise that everything is how it is for a reason, everything is and will be ok, if we aren’t getting what we want we a getting a lesson in the school of life so we should just relax, take it easy, laugh more when we can and let a lot of petty things go that aren’t that important. We must be able to laugh at ourselves because life and our egos were never meant to be taken seriously.

Thanks for reading have a great day guys and if it’s a bad one, just make it through the day and try again tomorrow.

Simon Coleman.

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