Accepting what is, it doesn’t mean being passive.

Anyone getting into spiritual teachings will eventually come across the idea of acceptance. Acceptance is mentioned a lot and for good reason, acceptance is the way to inner peace in our lives. Unconditional love is another way of saying unconditional acceptance, we may ask ” why do bad things happen in the world?” They happen because as hard as it is for our minds to grasp, reality, god, the universe or whatever you want to call it doesn’t pick sides, it doesn’t operate on good and bad, right and wrong, these are human made concepts and ideas.

I’m not for one moment condoning the terrible acts and deeds committed in the world, from the relative level, the level we operate as human beings, there is definitely good and bad but from the ultimate level of reality these concepts don’t exist and this is why what we deem as bad is allowed to happen because bad and good are always one.

Getting back to acceptance though, what does it mean to accept what is? Many may think it means just to sit back and allow people or events to have their way with us. Acceptance and passivity aren’t the same thing though. Acceptance and tolerating aren’t the same thing either.

If you walked into a room of your house and you saw an intruder violently attacking a loved one, are you gonna just stand there and say ” oh well I must accept this is happening to them…” of course not! To do that is to not accept that you want this terrible act to stop. When we practice acceptance we must accept we are a person too, we must accept how we feel about a situation and accept the action we wish to take or not take.

We can accept the fact that there are terrible people in the world doing terrible acts but that doesn’t mean we have to be friends with them, in doing so we would be ignoring our feelings of not wanting to hang around these types of people.

To truly accept what is, is to just realise that whatever shape or form this exact moment right now is taking, filled with all its thoughts, feelings, sounds, perceptions etc, whatever is happening has already been allowed or accepted to happen by our true self otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

Our ego self for sure has preferences but like I said if it’s happening already, our true self which is the self of all seemingly seperate things is always unconditionally accepting and loving what is. Our true self accepts reality, our ego self judges reality. Our true self is like a wise, all knowing, all loving parent, our ego self, which most people think that’s all that they are, judges, prefers and always asks “why this? why that?” unconditional acceptance is what we ultimately are by default.

You are much greater than you think, whether you realise it or not doesn’t matter because you can’t stop being what you ultimately are.

Have a great day, thanks for reading.

Simon Coleman.

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