Who do you think you are?

One of the movies I enjoy and have watched several times is ” Anger management” starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. There is a scene in the movie where Jack Nicholson, who plays a therapist, is asking Adam Sandler’s character ” Dave” who is new to the group, who he is. Dave replies with his name and job title to which Jack says ” No I don’t want to know that just tell me who you are” Dave replies with his hobbies and personality traits, again Jack says ” No I don’t want to know that stuff, just simple, tell me who you are?” It goes on like this for a short while until Dave gets frustrated that he can’t answer the question.

This movie is a comedy and what Jacks character is trying to do to ” Dave” is to frustrate and anger him but the line of questioning is a classic spiritual exercise in Hinduism called ” Neti Neti” or in English, ” Not this, Not that”. Who are we? The answer seems so obvious it seems we don’t even have to look but when we really ask ourselves who we are we will find, like Dave, it can’t be answered.

Anything we are aware of can’t be us because we are aware of it. We are aware of our name, age, gender, nationality, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs. We are aware of our bodies, our minds, everything we are aware of is in constant change and flux but the sense of ” I” of Me, if you really look, isn’t changing at all.

The more you look to find yourself the more you will find nothing but yet you do exist. The more you search you’ll eventually come to the realisation that all you are and have ever been is just an aware, knowing presence. That knowing presence isn’t ageing but sees the body age, it doesn’t have emotions but is aware of all emotions, doesn’t experience time but sees the flow of time, etc.

Once you really look to find what you are you will realise you are nothing you experience, eventually you will realise that to be nothing you experience means that you are everything you experience. Whatever the essence of all life is that is what you are, there is only you, all is one and that’s what you are. I’ll leave you with that thought and encourage to look more into the ” Neti Neti” process, another name for it is ” Self enquiry”.

Thanks for reading, any comments or questions feel free to ask,

You are much greater than you take yourself to be.

Simon Coleman.

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