Staying humble.

Why stay humble in life? Many people will tell you to do so because there is always going to be someone better out there than you, that’s one reason and it’s a great reason, I’d like to offer more reasons though from another perspective. I feel being humble shows wisdom. When you start delving into spiritual teachings and you learn the oneness and interconnectivity of all seemingly separate things you realise you have no choice but to be humble.

What can we truly take credit for in our lives? We didn’t pick our parents, our culture, our genetics, our initial religion, morals and values that were taught to us, we were taught our language, anything we excel at in life another person gave us their knowledge on the subject, skill or craft, the majority of us don’t make the food we eat the drinks we drink, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive etc…I could go on and on but I hope you see my point…

We feel proud of our achievements, we feel like a separate entity, but if we look closer that is just being ignorant. What we call ” Me” is a team effort, everyone in the world has their place, everyone is needed for something, most of us don’t like the situation we find ourselves in but we must realise everything and everyone is how it is for a reason. It’s natural to feel proud of our achievements or our appearance or our intelligence or whatever, but behind the pride we should feel gratitude to all the people that have, are and will support us and that support comes from the entire world in one way or another.

From the simple cleaner to the powerful business man, everyone is playing a role, everyone is ” God playing dress ups”, when you look at another you are looking at another part of yourself. Be humble for the simple fact that you as you see and feel yourself to be can’t exist alone, it’s impossible, there isn’t you living a life, the essence of what you are and the essence of everything is life.

Just something to think about, thanks for reading, at the time of writing this it’s New Year’s Eve 2018, all the best to you all in 2019!

Simon Coleman.

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