The Ego, it’s not evil, it doesn’t and can’t be killed.

The Ego, discussed so often in spiritual teachings, many times its made out to be the evilest thing, the root cause of all of our personal problems, but if we really look at what the ego is we will find its not only not a problem but it’s an essential function of the human experience.

The reason the ego gets such a bad rap isn’t because it’s essentially evil but because the majority of humans believe the ego-self is all they are, they believe the story the ego tells them is reality and when you believe it’s all you are it is bound to cause problems.

So what is the function of the ego? The only function of the ego is to give us the illusion of separation, to make reality appear as a countless number of people, places and things and to make us appear as a separate entity amongst it all. An important word I just used was ” illusion” an illusion is something that is not what it appears to be, the whole end goal of the spiritual path is not to get rid of the ego which is in fact impossible, but to see through the illusion of the ego, to see its just a storyteller and that’s perfectly ok.

For people that insist that we must get rid of the ego to find peace, I can tell you we experience a state of egolessness every night, its called deep, dreamless sleep. In that state we experience no time, no space, no self, no world. It’s a state of bliss and peace, that state never leaves us but in the dream and waking states it gets hidden when the ego reforms, with it comes the illusion of time, space, a self and a world.

To truly understand and live the spiritual life is to understand the fundamental idea that all reality is from the one source, it never ultimately has problems or makes mistakes, the world as it appears to us is an illusion, we don’t have to get rid of the illusion, we just need to see through it.

We should be grateful for our ego because without it we couldn’t experience the wide variety of thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences that we do, and like I said, the ego isn’t the cause of all our problems, its believing thats all that we are that is the problem.

Trying to get rid of our ego is our ego, it is not only impossible, unnecessary and going to frustrate us, its not even required to do, all that is required is to see who we really are and everything we thought we were will cease to bother us, the illusion continues, believing it doesn’t. I have so much more to write on this topic, including how to see through the ego but I’ll leave that for a future post, take care and thanks for reading.

Simon Coleman.

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