Meditation, why bother..?

Meditation, why bother? To someone looking from the outside it may seem like one of the most unproductive things you could do, sitting still in silence with eyes closed and not moving for a set period of time, couldn’t that 20 mins to an hour be better spent doing something more productive?

Our minds are addicted to thinking but too much of it causes problems, Our bodies enjoy resting but too much inactivity isn’t healthy either. Our minds need a set time to remain still just as our bodies need a set time to engage in activity.

Our minds feel a one size fits all approach solves all of lifes problems, it feels “ doing” whether physically or mentally solves all problems. In certain situations we need to take action, in other situations we need inaction, especially with our feelings and many useless thoughts. Our feelings require no action, negative thoughts require no action, if we don’t learn how to sit with and face uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, to learn how to “ do nothing” with them, we are always gonna be trying to fix, get rid of, or react to uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, reacting is the worst thing you can do, especially in the midst of anger.

What meditation can teach us is the ability to observe thoughts and feelings arise, watch them come and go like a person watching the traffic pass along a busy road and become detached from them, to realise they aren’t us and more importantly give us a chance to respond to situations not react.

So much trouble in our lives comes from reacting to thoughts and emotions, if we learn to harness the ability to remain calm then take action, our lives would go a lot smoother. Another thing meditation can teach us is non distraction , in a world full of distraction and reaction learning the ability not to react and not to be distracted is a great assest, the majority of people are reactive and distracted, so if you aren’t like the majority you have an advantage.

There are many more benefits to meditation but I thought I’d mention just a few to get anyone new to the topic interested. To sum up, the ability to watch your thoughts and feelings in a detached way without reacting to them and only responding if the situation calls for it is powerful, the ability to remain focused and not distracted is another powerful benefit.

In a world full of impulse, emotion and distraction, the ability to do the opposite will improve your life tremendously, this post was just to peak your interest, in a future post I’ll talk about ways to practice meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation, I’ll also discuss how mindfulness and meditation are really the same practice, with one strengthening the other, until then thanks for reading.

Simon Coleman.

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