Unconditional love, it’s the essence of what you are.

Unconditional love, it’s not something you do it’s something you already are. Unconditional love means unconditional acceptance, it means that no matter what happens, it is allowed and accepted to happen.

In an earlier post I mentioned that we are all living a double life, look outwards into the world and we see our egoic life, a life filled with time, space, separation, fullness and conditional love. Turn inward and we see our divinity, we see infinity, eternity, emptiness, non separation and unconditional love.

Our egoic self, the self we believe ourselves to be can only love conditionally, that’s just the reality of it, we love the people we love for a reason, due to conditions, it’s not a bad thing its just is what it is. The closest our ego can come to unconditional love is parental love, that is the love a parent experiences for their children.

The essence of all reality is God, the Universe, Brahman, the Tao whatever name you wish to call it, and you are never separate from that, you are that. When people say “ If God is so loving why does he allow bad things to happen?” The problem with that statement is thinking God is separate from its creation.

If the essence of all is “ God” then God has no choice but to love unconditionally. Our minds judge good and bad, our minds have preferences but our minds can’t understand ultimate reality. The fact that something is happening means that it has already been accepted.

The essence of what we are is unconditional love, unconditional acceptance. We don’t have to try, trying is for our egoic self. The whole take away message from this post is that we are never doing life wrong, even in our darkest moments, whenever you feel lost, hopeless or like a failure just know you are always unconditionally loved because that’s what you are at your centre, you can’t do life wrong, you are the essence life itself, you are loved.

Simon Coleman.

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