You’re living a double life..

You’re living a double life, we all are, most without realising it. So what do I mean by that? What I mean is that when we truly see who we are at our core we will find that, yes we are human but at the same time we are divine.

“ TAT TVAM ASI” a famous quote from the ancient Upanishad texts translates to English as “ Thou art that” in other words, whatever the indivisible essence of reality is , whether we call it “ God”, the “ Universe”, “ Brahman” etc, what you are at your core is that, you aren’t appearing in the world, the world is appearing within you.

Hearing something like this for the first time may sound strange if we were only exposed to the religions that see a creator God on one hand, and us as it’s creation on the other. Viewing life that way though always makes us feel like we are foreigners in the universe, that we are on probation so we better do the right thing or there will be consequences.

We see a separate creator and we see us, I’m here to tell you we aren’t placed into this world but we grow out of it, a fact that seems so obvious yet we seem to over look it. Everything is divine, all waves that appear separate are the ocean, they are all water. All people, animals, plants, objects etc are all divine are all “God” playing dress ups.

The ying yang symbol is a symbol of opposing forces that are always one. We only experience time because it appears in something timeless, we only experience space because it appears in something dimensionless, we experience constant change only because at our core we are changeless, all movement is in relation to something that is still and you are that timeless, dimensionless stillness.

The sense of being alive, the sense of “I am” is the divine within all of us, it’s never aging, never going anywhere, never has problems, is ever present. It’s so plain and obvious most of us never even realise it, most of us never realise what a miracle it is to be alive. We are so caught up looking outward at our human experience that we forget to look inward at our divine experience.

We are living a double life, we are human yet at the same time divine, we appear as many because there is only one source of all creation. Whatever we have, are, or will do is perfectly ok, is always meant to be how it is, just realise you’re never doing life wrong as you are the essence of life itself.

Simon Coleman

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