What we are seeking is to die before we die…

I love music, a song that I can’t stop playing recently is ” Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I, like many also love singing along to songs I enjoy. Like many great songs, around the 2.45 mark the song really peaks as the drums kick in and Gaga hits the high notes, it’s a beautiful moment.

In the midst of singing along to it and really getting into it you come to a point where you really lose yourself in the moment, it’s a wonderful feeling and it got me thinking that what we truly seek is the disappearance of our sense of self which occurs in moments like that.

Why do we look forward to sleep? Isn’t it because when we close our eyes and this world dissolves, we slip into deep sleep, we are in a state of peace, there is no sense of ” Me” in a world, it’s just total peace.

When we are in the company of loved ones, or in the midst of passionate sex, or engrossed in a fascinating book or movie, when we are in a large group cheering on our favourite sports team, if we indulge in drugs or alcohol what are we really doing? If you look deeply you’ll find we are trying to lose ourselves in the moment. I shouldn’t say try, actually I should say that is what happens.

The good news I can tell you is there is no self to lose, it’s merely an illusion and the illusion of self isn’t something that is bad or needs to be gotten rid of it just needs to be seen as a process, as a price we pay for being human it’s called ” our ego” and despite what people may tell you in spiritual circles it’s not evil, its not a problem, it only causes problems if we believe that’s all we are.

This site is dedicated to slowly make you see that there is no self, that problems appear to our ego but never to what we truly are, that we don’t appear in the world but the world appears within us. Words though fail terribly, words can only point to the truth not fully explain it, but I hope to craft my words in such a way that it can be seen for yourself intuitively.

Simon Coleman.

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