The Spiritual Path, it’s meant to feel liberating.

The spiritual path is meant to feel liberating. the spiritual path in the end, isn’t about trying to make us good or better people, it’s about getting us accept who we are in each and every moment, its about embracing and accepting our entire humanity just as it is at all times regardless if our mind judges it as good or bad.

Some days we feel we are a good person, some days we feel like a bad person, sometimes we seek attention, sometimes we seek the shadows to hide in. Some days we feel extremely confident, other times insecure and guess what? its all perfectly ok, you are always perfectly ok as you are in each and every moment.

We try so hard to seek out and strive for only one half of life, the good side, ignorantly forgetting that the good and bad side are always one. We are all human, by default flawed, when we fully accept that there is nothing we can do to change that fact we might as well end up laughing and not take ourselves too seriously or be too hard on ourselves.

We are all striving for inner peace on this path, most of that inner peace is disturbed by trying to live up to something we are not, thinking that what we are right now is somehow flawed or not good enough. I can tell you right now you are always perfect in your imperfections, give up trying to be something you are not, that’s the real path to liberation.

This is my first post, I hope to inspire, uplift and motivate anyone reading future posts on this blog. I hope to make you see the world and yourself completely differently, to make you look outwards and see a world of time and space, filled with problems and human flaws, and at the same time to look inward and see a world of eternity, infinity, perfection and divinity, to see that in reality you are both.

Simon Coleman.

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